Sunday, December 5, 2010

We Are Part Of The Creator - r Jackson


If a day lily needs more light it grows taller or leans toward the light.
What makes plants do these things and thousands of other things. I say that is the power of the CREATOR in everything. The CREATOR is omnipresent, which means, present in all places at all times.
We all have heard that God is in us. We think he is in a certain little spot inside of  us, maybe in some little secret corner of our heart or maybe somewhere in our brain, but this is wrong. God has completely saturated our body. He is our body, our spirit. We are his physical body on earth, Jesus was Gods body on earth. When Jesus died he left his earthly body behind, the body that was Jesus, but we keep dragging him out at Christmas and at Easter for a few days and then we put him back in the closet. The other part of Jesus, his spirit, went back to the Spirit of  the Creator and again became part of the Creator. When we die our bodies stay on earth and our Spirit goes back (it does not go anywhere,) it is absorbed back into the Creators Spirit, where it came from in the first place. All this is because there is only one Spirit in the Universe and that is Gods or the Creators Spirit. We are all part of that one spirit, as is everything else in the universe.
We will all, everyone of us, return to the Spirit of the Creator when our body dies, we are all a drop out of the same pond. We will not go to a place called heaven, we will not walk the streets of gold, we will not see momma and daddy, we do not have a physical mansion waiting for us in heaven, we are spirits in a physical body, Jesus was a spirit in a physical body, the Creator has no physical body, a spirit can not walk, a spirit has no eyes, a spirit needs no shelter.
This information is very hard to believe because of our BIG EGO. Our BIG EGO believes that when we die we must be more important than other Christians. We know that they have not lived as good a life as we have. Our BIG EGO will not let us believe that every one will return to the Spirit of The Creator when they die. OUR  BIG EGO lets us believe that we will be special when we go to heaven.  OUR BIG EGO lets us believe that the  bad people will not be saved but sent to a life time of burning punishment, PLEASE deflate that BIG EGO and let it become a small ego and then no ego.
Jesus Christ  had no ego BIG or small,  He was guided by love, love is the only system that he operated under, nothing else. Since he operates under the Love System, think about all the things this will eliminate from what we have been taught by earthly man. When you get rid of that BIG EGO, your wonderful brain will start to work again and the Creator will start to teach you his ways.
see The Ego In Man

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