Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Spirit In The Universe - r jackson

The bible tells us not to listen to man for spiritual matters but listen to God and he will teach you. God is with you at all times and He does love you. Once you believe this all of your other problems will disappear. God may guide you to the teachings of some men, but you will know if what they teach is truth, you will know in your heart.
Turn everything over to Him - don't try and use your own understanding and all things will become clear- remember there is only one Spirit in the universe and that Spirit is God the Father and your are part of God. Let's say God is an ocean and you are a cup of the ocean and everyone else is a cup of the ocean, you are not God but you are the same spirit of God.
God loves you, God does not look at sin, God never stops loving you even if you fall short. Never ever think that he has or ever will stop loving you. God has laid out everything that is going to happen so the only thing that you can pray is to thank him for all of your blessings, thank him every day and you will see a change in your life. God gives you life by his grace, you can not earn it no matter how much you try, it is a free gift. You are a spirit in a human body not a human body with a spirit.

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