Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lonely People - r jackson

Lonely People

Some people have a demon of loneliness inside of them. No matter how hard they try they cannot get rid of the loneliness. They go through life lonely and wishing for a normal live. The may have been abused or hurt by a lover, by friends or family. They may have been born with a lonely spirit. Some times they get so depressed they try and commit suicide. A lonely person will not tell you how lonely thy are, they don’t want you to show them pity. That person may seem normal to you if you know them. This is one reason that we must show love for everyone that we meet. We must keep our hearts in tune to what's around us, be aware of the hearts of the people that you know and come in contact with. Love everyone, they are part of God as you are. Never make a judgment call about how anyone acts or about their ways. It is not your duty to judge anyone. That is Gods Job.
    What about these lonely people, what can they do that will cause them not to be lonely? When a person is first conceived there is a tiny cell that has all the genetics of that person within it. That cell contains the spirit of God. From that one cell all your body organs will be formed, your heart, your brain, all the parts that make up you physical body. That original  cell that contained the spirit of God is still in you. It causes your lungs to function, your heart to beat, your brain to think and all of  your body functions to work. You have no control over any of these things. You also have no control over your thoughts. God inside of you and inside of everyone else controls these things.
    People don’t understand why they are unhappy. They have all the things that they thought they always wanted but they are still lonely and unhappy. They have many so called friends, they are married, they have children, they have relatives but they are still lonely and unhappy. Oh dear what can the matter be?
    The only way you will ever be happy is to be in tuned with the Spirit Of God. How do we do this? It is hard for our imperfect spirit to conform to the will of God, but that is all it takes. Give yourself completely to Him. Have no desires but to be trying constantly to do the will of The Father.
     When you are defiant and say you are not going to do something and in the same moment something comes over you and your attitude has changed, you know you will do what you had told yourself that you were not going to do and do it with a happy spirit—that is God working on you. You have no choice in the matter it is a done deal.
   If you do what the Great Spirit ask you to do you will be rewarded by so many things. Your life will be made easier and all the little simple things and more complicated things will be done with ease. You will work with renewed strength. You will no longer be lonely.

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