Friday, January 23, 2009

God Has Chosen The Future - r jackson

I cannot change the future by anything I have done, am doing, or will do, from what it is going to be. but I can change the future from what it might have been. I may carefully consider the appearance of my garden, and after a bit of thought, and mulling over a few alternatives, I decide to cut down the apple tree. By doing so, I change the future from what it might have been, but I do not change it from what it will be, indeed, by my doing what I do, I, in small measure contribute to making the future the very way it will be.
From Beyond Experience by Norman Swartz.

If the future cannot be changed from what it is going to be, then anything I do will not change the future, because anything I do has already been figured as part of the future. If all things have been predetermined, then what every I do has been predetermined that I would do what I am doing.
If God knows everything that is going to happen and when it is going to happen, then anything I do or don’t do is not going to change anything. If God knows me before I was born and knows my future, he has either already chosen me or not chosen me for everlasting life. I cannot change anything. If I have been chosen to be a Christian, can I not be chosen, can I be unchosen? If I am not chosen, can I every be chosen? Can I do anything that would make God choose me, if he has not already chosen me? We don’t choose God he chooses us.
How do we know if we have been chosen? Can we think God has chosen us and be fooling ourselves. How can we be 100% sure that we have been chosen? We can say that God talks to us, but how do we know it is not ourselves talking? Is our inner voice talking or is it God? What is the answer?
Even if I do all the things that the bible tells me to do, and do it with the right heart condition, it still does not mean that I have been chosen. I can pray day and night and it still doesn’t mean I have been chosen. I could be a preacher and bring 1000’s of people to Christ according to the Church teachings, and still not be chosen. If I were a preacher, how could I bring anyone to Christ because if you belong to God you have already been chosen and nothing the preacher says or does can make you become a Christian, because you have already been chosen from the beginning?
Jesus died for our sins. He became all sin of the world. He did not die for Christians, but for all people then and in the future. He took away all sin from everyone.1 John 4:10. There were no Christians before Christ died.
Everyone had been chosen as his own. John 3:16. Jesus died for everyone then and in the future, good or bad. Who’s to say who is good and who is bad? Can we as mere humans, look into the hearts of our fellow man, No, But God Can. So we must leave it up to him. Our flesh (body) is not chosen, but God has already chosen our spirit. We are Christians in the Spirit not in the flesh. The flesh is imperfect, the spirit is perfect. We still sin in the flesh. We are trying to bring our flesh in line with our spirit.

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