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The Kingdom Of God Part 5 - Des Walter

The Kingdom of God Part 5

The Kingdom of God is the rule or authority of God over a people with a particular view to establishing his law of Love, Joy and Peace in the people of the Kingdom. The only example of this kind of "Kingdom" is found in the nation of Israel, but it was of short duration because the people refused to acknowledge the authority of God as their King. In a Theocratic community there is no visible King, which distinguishes it from every other form of government in the world. The King in this form of Government is God, who is spirit and therefore invisible to the human race of people.
This is where we encounter the first problem in a theocratic government, for the authority of the King must first be established from within the people, and not as some external authority. Because God is spirit and therefore invisible to our natural eyes, theocracy can only function when God is in residence within the people. Any form of external authority such as the Bible, or a Law written on tables of stone, will not allow the Kingdom of God to function in us. Unless the divine authority is internalized within a people they will continue to bow to external laws and authority.
Jesus tells us, "Man shall not live by bread alone, (which is a reference to the Manna God supplied to Israel in the wilderness) but by EVERY WORD THAT IS PROCEEDING FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD." Israel ate the "Bread from heaven" but never knew the God that supplied it, for they considered that Moses gave them that bread. (Jn 6:32) This was the problem with Israel, and so God gave them an external law at Mount Sinai. However even this failed to establish God’s authority, so the day came when they reverted to a human Government with a MAN as the King, to be like all the other nations.
The Apostle Paul speaks about the "CHURCH WHICH IS HIS BODY," identifying the true Church as the "BODY" of Christ. Now the Body of Christ cannot be a mortal body that continues to be associated with sin, for that would be totally incompatible with the Christ of God. If Christ is the HEAD of this BODY then the Body must be of the same character as the HEAD. In other words if the HEAD is immortal and sinless, then it would be reasonable to assume that the BODY would also be immortal and sinless, to be compatible with such a HEAD. To imaging a Spirit HEAD such as Christ, attached to a mortal and impure Body would be inconceivable. If Christ is the HEAD, then the whole body must be CHRIST, governed and controlled by that HEAD, otherwise, there could be no true reality in such a spiritual concept of the CHURCH.
The true form of Theocratic rule, or the Kingdom of God, was established in the Garden of Eden where Adam was placed, having been given a form (Body) through which the authority governing his life could find expression. The Lord God, having received his life from Elohim in creation, breathed that same life he lived into the nostrils of Adam. That Life was God, who had taken up residence within the creature called MAN.
This man Adam was not required to keep a complicated set of rules concerning his behaviour, God made a simple request of him to prevent him from destroying that relationship, between the indwelling Christ and Adam. It was in that divine relationship between the Creator and the man he created, that Adam was intended to function, recognizing this was only possible while Man was submitted to that indwelling authority of God. There were no external laws established between God and the Man he created.
God said to Adam, "You may eat the fruit of every tree in the garden, but the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that is in the midst of the Garden, you will not eat of it because the day you do eat of it, in dying you will die." Now we must understand that these first three Chapters of Genesis are an allegory. Here is divine truth pertinent to the life of God in every man, and the only way this could be taught to us was by using allegorical language.
Those who seek to make everything in the Bible "Literal," have never understood that this book is not like any other book, but is a spiritual book written in a spiritual language. Doctors write reports concerning their patients in "Medical" language, which is hard for us to understand. Lawyers write reports in legal language, which we may not understand at all, and in the same way God has written a book in a spiritual language, which requires the spirit of God to provide the key to its meaning.
The evidence of man’s foolishness is discovered when we hear people speak of Adam eating a forbidden "Apple." The fruit mentioned here is not related to literal fruit at all, unless someone has seen a tree of the knowledge of good and evil and can explain what that fruit looks like. In creation God established the reproductive process of all trees, by saying that in the fruit would be a seed that if planted in the earth would reproduce exactly the same kind of tree.
Whatever this fruit was that Adam was told not to eat, contained a "Seed" in which was a "Knowledge" that was of such a character that it would destroy his "God centered relationship," and separate him from the life he had enjoyed with God in the Garden. The clear picture here revealed to us in the Garden of Eden, called the "FALL OF MAN," has been totally distorted by Christendom giving us no real understanding of how man came to lose his divine status, and thereby robbing us of a true understanding of the redemptive process.
As we contemplate this allegory, we find that the forbidden tree represents a knowledge system that had no place in Adam’s relationship with God, the very concept would introduce a duality that would destroy his pure vision of God as his only reality. Now his vision was dual in nature taking in both "Good and Evil" and a host of other opposites that were foreign to everything he had known. When creation was finished God looked at that which he had made and said, "Behold, everything is very good." But the word "Good" used here means pleasant and agreeable with the thoughts that were in the mind of the creator, when he created all things. Good and evil in our understanding are comparative terms and merely compare things with some unwritten standard we develop in our own natural or carnal mind. Everything in creation was in perfect agreement with the thoughts in the mind of God when he created them.
So the knowledge of good and evil introduced a mind other than the mind of Christ in which man established his own standard, denying the divine perfection that had been established in him by God, who declared everything he had made, was very good. However, man now established his own standard by which he judged everything from the standpoint of his own carnal reasoning. As we seek illumination of the truth revealed in this allegory, we need to understand the events that lead up to Adam finding himself in a wilderness instead of the Garden as established by God.
In Job 2:1-6 we are made privy to a challenge to God’s confidence in his creation by one called Satan or the Adversary. Christendom has given this "One" a literal sense of being and eternal life, believing that he still exists today as the arch enemy of God. The book of Job is an interesting book because this man is only mentioned twice apart from the book that bears his name. It is obvious that the book is set in the very early times of the Bible before Israel, and in a land outside Palestine, so it is universal in its character. Therefore it has application to all mankind. The challenge of the "Adversary" was that God had protected Job and that was the only reason Job remained faithful to God. But if God removed the protection Job would curse God to his face.
God allowed the adversary to work on Job which he did, affecting his family and his possessions. But Job remained faithful, and it is recorded that Job sinned not, nor did he charge God foolishly. Then the adversary again was challenged by God about Job, who presented another test involving his body. So Job’s body was covered with boils and we find him sitting in a heap of ashes. Now his life was threatened and his wife became involved telling him to curse God and die. She represented the SOUL or female part of Job, which had no true knowledge of who God is, or his character. Job responded to her saying, "You speak as one of the foolish women speaks, if we receive good from the hand of the Lord, shall we not receive evil?" In all this Job did not sin with his lips.
Who is this "Adversary" called Satan or the accuser of the brethren. Paul said in Romans 1:28, "And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate MIND, (not to some being that inhabits the earth) to do those things which are not convenient." Paul also tells us in Colossians 1:21 And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your MIND by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled. So we must conclude that the Adversary is actually the natural or CARNAL MIND of man.
Now why did God allow the testing of Job? Because God knows that MAN is his dwelling place, and if anyone will remain true to that inner voice of God that is resident in every man he will walk in the LIGHT OF GOD. Until we are tested we will never know if our relationship with God is in fact real. But the testing of Job accomplished much, not only in Job himself, but in everyone who had to do with him. Finally his testimony is recorded, "So God blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning." God’s testing is designed to bring blessing and is not a sign of failure.
I have included this experience in the life of Job, because so many have asked me why did God put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden? Adam was PERFECT in the Garden but he was untested just as a baby is perfect in the same sense, but also is untested. That "perfect" baby may grow up to become a prostitute or a murderer, depending how they respond to the Christ who dwells within them. Man’s relationship to God is based upon L-O-V-E, and love is not valid unless it is given FREELY without coercion, and some alternative is available. So let us look at Adam now as being tested, but in a different way to Job.
In Gen 2:21 we find the "Lord God" caused a deep sleep or trance to come upon Adam and he became prostrate on the ground. We mortal human beings do have an enemy, but it is not some being in a black suit with a pitchfork in his hand. Our enemy is the carnal or natural mind that God said was more subtle than any beast of the field.
So let us look at the picture here in Gen 2:21 in the light of what we are told about Job, in his parabolic story. God created MAN in his own likeness and image, male and female he created them, functioning as one in perfect union, having dominion over all the works of God’s hands. In order for there to be a challenge to this creature MAN, God decided to allow the Woman, the Female part of Adam to assume an independent role, to reveal the true nature of the SOUL of MAN. So Adam finds himself asleep or in a trance, during which the female part of his being was separated from him to become a separate entity. We are told the Lord God brought the woman to the man who recognized her as "Bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh," calling her woman.
In many Bibles the title over this Chapter 2 of Genesis is called the "Second account of creation." But this is not true, for in this chapter we do not read of a "CREATING" taking place but a "FORMING." Genesis 2:22 And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, "MADE" (to build or establish) he a woman, and brought her unto the man. In fact as we read these verses in Gen 2: 21-23, we find that what is happening here is associated with Adam who is in a deep sleep or trance. Adam is not initiating this activity, so we must assume that what we are reading here is a part of the Adamic ILLUSION. In this way God is able to define how man functions, and once we know what is happening here we will also know how the result can be reversed.
Christendom has simply told us that Adam rebelled against God, defying him by taking and eating the fruit of the forbidden tree, and so became the first sinner and was banished from the presence of God. As a result, sin and death has been passed upon all men, and the curse of God is upon all mankind. If what the theologians have taught us is true, then whatever this adversary called Satan might be, he certainly would have won his argument with God that the man he created lacked spiritual integrity, and so when God looked over all he had created and said it was very good, he was not being very truthful.
However the picture changes when we realize that the experiences of Adam in the Garden are not literal but spiritual. Mankind was created IN CHRIST JESUS according to Paul in Eph 2:10, so he was a composite creature with God dwelling IN the man, just as it was with Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. So what are we to learn from the Genesis account of God’s dealings with Adam in the Garden of Eden? Man was created in Gen 1:26-27 being in the likeness and the image of God, and also being Male and Female, functioning together as one. But while Adam is asleep we find that the female or SOUL part of his being was separated from him, becoming a separate entity, and able to function on her own without help from Adam. Remember that it is the relationship between God the creator and the Man he created that is being challenged. For Adam is SPIRIT and the female or WOMAN represents the SOUL, and these two functioned together in creation as one. But in this testing in the Garden of Eden, we are shown in graphic detail the problem that faces every man.
Christ IN YOU is the only hope that God will be glorified in his people, but now this WOMAN becomes a living SOUL, and represents all of mankind. The "Living Soul" or woman functions through the Mind the Emotions and the Will, but the spirit part of her being has no active function in the direction of her life. All of mankind today is living as a representation of this woman, the LIVING SOUL, that was formed in the mind of Adam. What effect has this change made to the relationship between the Living Soul and God? First of all the "Living Soul" functions through 5 natural senses, sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, and none of there senses can help us to know or access God. The Living Soul therefore has no input from the Spirit which is God, and so there is no way that the authority of God can function.
This woman has become her own God by taking her direction from her natural or carnal mind. The prophet said, "All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned everyone to HIS OWN WAY." Today, even Christians know very little about unity and Love, for they are divided by doctrines and interpretation of scripture and concepts formed in the mind of man. We have wars and rumors of wars among the nations, because the authority God put in man, has been usurped by man himself. Man became a victim of the Lie that turned the heart of the woman from God, by telling her they would not die if they ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge, but they would become as gods themselves, knowing good and evil. If you put several people together who assume the POSITION of God, you will have a fight, for no man can serve TWO MASTERS.
It is most important to know that here we are dealing with an allegory and not reality. The truth is that our soul and spirit have NEVER been separated, for within every man today dwells the spirit of God and the SOUL which is the WOMB OF CREATION. Were this not so then there could never be a redemption, for the NEW BIRTH is the birthing of the Christ who dwells in us as the SEED OF GOD, waiting for the conception to take place just as it was for Mary, only now in the SPIRIT. His BIRTH in us is actually the BIRTHING OF OUR TRUE IDENTITY as CHRIST, through creation, (Eph. 2:10) growing up into him in all his fullness. If Christ the seed of God is not present in every man then such a birthing could never take place. But the SOUL or the woman in many people, is like the woman in the Song of Solomon who had to search for her lover until she found him. This is because we have believed the theologians who told us that Christ the lover of our soul was up in the sky. But beloved he is already WITHIN YOU.
Man today believes he is separated from God, and his salvation is to find a way to get God to love him again and to allow him back into the Garden of Eden. This sense of separation from God is caused by man’s consciousness of SIN which causes him to hide from God just as Adam did in the garden, and for exactly the same reason. Today, man’s perception of God is that he is angry with us because of our sin, so we continue to "Hide" from him. The reason for this THINKING is because the "Serpent" has hi-jacked the natural mind of man, introducing the lie that separated man from God. The truth is that God never once in the allegory, told man he was angry with him or that he was a sinner.
But with this new knowledge of GOOD AND EVIL generated in the natural Mind of man, he created his own world which is filled with opposites such as good and evil, light and darkness, sickness and health, life and death, to name just a few. This new knowledge changed his perception even of himself, for now after eating of that destructive "fruit" he declared he was naked and so he hid from God. This also proved that even his perception of God changed from that of love, unity and oneness, to believe that God was angry with him and had cast him out of the Garden.
It is evident that eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil had opened up for MAN a whole different world, which is no longer "Very Good," as the creator saw it in the beginning. Man’s world has been invaded with every form of evil, tarnishing even the good that may still remain. But this not only affects the world in which we now live, but Man’s concept of God has been affected by this destructive "fruit," so that man generally perceives God as being very angry and is constantly punishing us for the wrong that we do. In the light of this catastrophe, the question arises; can the Kingdom of God ever be re-established with mankind again?
However, we must remember that on the seventh day of creation God rested from all his labors, for the work of creation was finished, and so he set it apart to himself, to remain even as it was in the beginning, regardless of what may befall man. Death, which is a sense of separation from God continued to be passed upon all men until we hear Christ say, "I have come that you might have LIFE and have it more abundantly." For many people today there is a struggle just to survive in this world, as there seems to be so much that is against them, however, it is the truth that makes us free. When the Lord God put Adam to sleep in the Garden of Eden he has remained asleep until this very day. Man has now assumed the identity of the woman who was taken out of Adam, becoming a "Living Soul." The death state of man today is the result of an activity of mind, causing this perceived separation of the soul and spirit, that functioned in perfect harmony in man in the beginning.
So the Kingdom of God within us, has not been considered as a reality by the majority of people on the earth today. The theologians have increased the confusion by declared that the Kingdom of God is something that God will set up on the earth, "In the sweet bye and bye," thus removing it from our thinking for the present. When Jesus Christ came into the world, he stated clearly that the "Kingdom of God" was IN the people at that time. So he made it clear that the Kingdom was not some future event but a very present reality. The coming of Jesus Christ into the world, was the authority of the Kingdom of God declared to be both LORD and CHRIST, who was present with them at that time, but would be resident in them in the future. The Gospel that Jesus preached when he was on the earth was not the Gospel of Salvation as Christendom has done for almost 2000 years, but the Gospel of the KINGDOM. Let us consider the difference between these two Gospels.
The Gospel that is being preached in the majority of the Churches is based upon a man made formula, "Repent of your sins, believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive your sins, then ask Christ to come into your heart to be your Savior, and now you are born again, and you will go to heaven when you die." There are slight variations on this Gospel according to the Church to which you are connected. This is basically the Gospel to Israel as outlined in Acts 2:38, and Peter was the Apostle who administered this Gospel to the Circumcision. However, Jesus never preached that Gospel, but repeatedly we find mention that he preached the "Gospel of the Kingdom." This Gospel concerns the authority of God that is vested in Christ who is designated King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and who dwells in every man.
The Kingdom of God does not refer to an area of real estate over which the King rules, but rather to the Authority itself that the King exercises. As we connect this with the fact that Jesus declared that the Kingdom is within every man, we begin to understand that the Kingdom of God is the rule and authority of the Christ within a people. According to Peter the Apostle the true Body of Christ is declared to be a "Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood and a Holy Nation," and this is the only Theocratic nation in the world today. This nation is represented in Daniel 2:44, "In the days of these Kings shall the God of heaven set up a KINGDOM, which shall never be destroyed, and the Kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever."
Only Daniel the man of God could interpret the Prophetic dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, for none of the wise men of his day could even know the dream. In his dream the King saw 4 kingdoms connected to the image that was revealed to him, each Kingdom being inferior to the one before it. The authority in the successive kingdoms deteriorated until the kingdoms lost all sense of cohesion, typified by the iron and the clay, which had nothing that could unite them. Daniel and his three friends were the only ones that had not been caught up in the dreamtime experience, seeing the end from the beginning.
Nebuchadnezzar, even after hearing the interpretation of the dream failed to be convinced of its divine origin and so began to declare his own version of events. He made an image all of gold representing himself and his own kingdom. This is a picture of the religious "Church Systems" of today, who reject the concept of the Kingdom of God as a present reality, and so continue to build their own kingdoms, as if they are the Kingdom of God. In these kingdoms the Pastor is the King, compelling the people to recognize his authority over the congregation, without regard for Christ who alone is the Lord. The men forming the Church organization assume the right to define "Truth," forbidding anyone from questioning their authority, and separating themselves from all others who do not subscribe to their doctrines. In everyone of those pseudo kingdoms, there is a fiery furnace as a warning to any who would dare to question the authority of the king. However I am declaring today that there is only one Lord and he is the Lord God Almighty, who said, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty." Revelation 1:8.
It has become very evident that the denominational systems of "Church" in today’s world have set up their own "Kingdoms" in direct opposition to the Kingdom of God on the earth. This constitutes them as a part of "Babel or Babylon," which must eventually be destroyed. There is only one authority in this universe and that is God and the Christ of God who dwells in every man, is the dispenser of that authority. However, should you choose to ignore that authority and invest it in a man instead, you will be caught up in the dissolution of that kingdom, because there is only one authority and ONE KINGDOM that will remain standing in the end, and that is the Kingdom of God. All false Kingdoms function through an External Human Authority, but the Kingdom of God is within you and so is the King who rules in that Kingdom. In his dream Nebuchadnezzar saw a stone cut out without hands that smashed the four kingdoms pulverizing them to become like the dust of the earth. The Psalmist speaks of this "Stone" as the one that the builders rejected, and that is Christ. Psalm 118:22 "The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone or the CAP STONE, which locks the whole building together."
"And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth." Rev. 17:5.
Babylon is a "Mystery" so it is not simply referring to a Town or a principality that existed on the earth many years ago. A "Mystery" is something that man cannot understand unless he has received revelation by the spirit. The beginning of Babylon is in Gen 10:10 when Nimrod established a Kingdom called BABEL. The same concept has continued as a form of mind control as Babylon brings people under its authority to serve its own ends.
The name is written upon her forehead, signifying that the power of Babylon is not so much overt or external but is a form of deception involving the mind. In the Garden of Eden this deception is exposed as Eve encounters the snake that represents the natural or carnal mind of man. The deception involved casting doubt on what God said, then convincing the woman that she did not hear what he said correctly.
Eve was deceived into believing that they would not die if they ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as God had said, but instead, that they would gain a great advantage by having their eyes opened and becoming as Gods knowing Good and evil. It has become evident that the "Serpent" or carnal mind is more subtle than all the beasts of the field. As we read the account of this deception in the Garden of Eden today, most people cannot grasp the fact that every one of us has done exactly the same thing. The knowledge of "Good and Evil," has become an integral part of every person’s life without any regard for the warning that God gave Adam in the Garden. So for most Christians death is considered to be inevitable, and so they have actually made a COVENANT with death, just as Israel did.
The deception of Eve in the Garden has now encircled the earth and no one has been immune from its devastating effect. Babylon has made this worldwide deception the very basis of its design and activity, using its effect to control man’s response to God, and turning over the direction of his life and relationship to God to MEN. The death that resulted from Eve’s deception has brought a sense of separation from God into the heart of every man, and a blindness to the things of God and a deafness to his voice.
Because of this, Christians have become easy prey to the evil designs of Babylon, as our communication with God has been interrupted, and our spiritual vision has been impaired. The VOICE of God is seldom heard even in the Churches, but God’s people have been deceived by Babylon into believing that the preaching of men has replaced the Voice of God.
In Rev 17 one of the angels came to reveal the judgment of the great "Whore" that sits upon many waters. The word "Whore" in the Greek is "Pornay," from which such words as "Pornography" are derived. She is presented as one who is willing to sell her body for gain, in other words she is a "Prostitute." Babylon has affected every aspect on life on planet earth, Economically, Politically and Religiously. Good and evil have been so mixed into every aspect of life that confusion reigns. Babylon represents all that opposes God but especially in the religious world, as Paul states, who opposeth and exalteth itself above all that is called God.
With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. The Gospel promoting ease, wealth and prosperity is now sought by the majority. Nimrod went out from the presence of the Lord and fenced off a portion of land and said this is mine. Nebuchadnezzar did the same thing only on a much grander scale saying, "Is this not great Babylon that I have built for the house of my kingdom by the might of my own power, and for the honor of my majesty. This is the spirit of Babylon expressing itself.
Babylon has given great emphasis to KNOWLEDGE and so many Christians have lost their way as they devour every new book that comes on the market, and every religious site on the internet. This usually results in seeking to impress others with their superior knowledge. There are writings today giving details of the thirty years before Jesus Christ began his ministry, and this has become a "Hot Topic" among the knowledge seekers. Such a quest for knowledge has bred an insidious form of pride in many of God’s people, but adds nothing to their spirituality. This is Babylon. However, many lives have also been devastated by the promiscuous attitude towards sex, which is being advertised as love and is destroying society. In many cases, marriage is being scorned as unnecessary deciding to "Live Together" instead.
But in Revelation 18:4 John says, "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." The Prophet Jeremiah spoke against Babylon to the saints who were following the Lamb, "Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul, be not cut off in her iniquity, for this is the time of the Lords Vengeance, he will render unto her a recompense." Jer. 51:6. It is time for the saints to see who or what they are following, and from whom does their direction come. This command to come out of her cannot be directed by any man, but it must come by the spirit of God who alone is given to guide us in all things.
Now it is interesting that God should call Israel’s spiritual unfaithfulness, "Fornication." Speaking of Edom the offspring of Esau, he said, "Moreover he made high places in the mountains of Judah, and caused the inhabitants of Jerusalem to commit fornication, and compelled Judah to be involved. 2 Chronicles 21:11. The reason for this is because man is a spiritual being and as such we have the ability to reproduce without an egg and a sperm, or without the physical act. Jesus himself said, "I say unto you that whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart." In this way a man actually defiles himself, but he defiles the woman also even though no physical act took place.
"Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body." 1 Cor 6:13. Paul goes on to say, "Know you not that your bodies are the members of Christ?" "Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid. Do you not know that he which is joined to a harlot is ONE BODY? For two, he says, shall be ONE FLESH." But he that is joined to the Lord IS ONE SPIRIT. Do you not know that your body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost, which is in you, that you have of God, for you are not your own, but you are bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your BODY and in your SPIRIT which belong to God."
Babylon is said to be the "Mother of Harlots," which means that she is the one who is producing "Harlots." Now we must remember that this is not speaking literally, but is using spiritual language. Babylon then is breeding a people who have never understood that their body was given to them for a specific reason, and that is to be the dwelling place of God from which he can manifest himself. Today we find girls from a very young age who are infatuated with their body and their figure, so that the cosmetic industry is very high on the list of money earners in the corporate world. Women spend money without thinking on their hair, complexion and cosmetic surgery. The feminist movement says that our body belongs to us and we can do whatever we want with it.
Babylon has certainly been busy producing "Harlots" who have followed the lie concerning their body. Even Christians are not immune to Babylon for they walk the same path as the world. Jezebel is the woman in the Bible who figures as the Harlot attitude recorded in the book of Revelation. "Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because you allow that woman Jezebel, which calls herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols." Revelation 2:20. Now I am not going to tell you that anyone who cuts their hair or uses "make up" is wicked. The outward aspect of life is not a clear indication of true spirituality. Many women who refrain from using cosmetics only do so, not for any true spiritual reason but to be accepted by a group. Harlotry is a thing of the heart, expressing the lie that Babylon has spread throughout the world, that our body belongs to us and we have the right to do with it anything that we may desire.
We must remember that we are created as spirit but we live in a body. The reproduction principle is therefore quite different to that which is natural. The physical human being requires and egg and a sperm in order to reproduce naturally. However when God wanted to create the heavens and the earth and everything that is in them, he simply spoke and it was, for that is how spirit reproduces. In the spirit world everything already IS, but it is invisible. Through faith we understand that the ages were formed by the (Spoken) word or "RHEMA" of God, so that things that are seen are not made of things that are visible. In other words God spoke and it was. This is spiritual reproduction.
David said, "2 Samuel 23:2 The Spirit of the LORD spake by me, and his word was in my tongue. David also said, "I will take heed to my ways that I sin not with my tongue: I will keep my mouth with a bridle, while the wicked is before me." Solomon also concludes, A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit. But let the Apostle James have the last word on this subject, James 3:5 Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth! James 3:6 And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.
James says the tongue is a FIRE and a WORLD OF INIQUITY with the power to defile the whole body. This is because my tongue can become a member of the HARLOT BODY given up to criminal intercourse and therefore it can defile the whole body. Why have the scriptures so much to say about the tongue, because we are spirit and so what we SAY produces an effect in our lives. Behind every word in our mouth, lies a thought birthed in the natural Mind that when developed, is planted as a seed in our consciousness that is deep in our being. Once planted it will germinate and produce an effect either in our body or in our circumstances. This is how we were made to function.
Every word we say will produce an effect in our lives even to setting on fire the wheel of nature. For when that wheel does not run in concert with the wheel of God’s will, it will create a friction that will cause a fire producing an effect in our lives. Let us therefore abandon every thought or idea that we did not receive from the Spirit within, and bring every thought into captivity to Christ, that the Kingdom of God may be established and the King anointed and set upon his throne within us.
Babylon is determined to keep mankind from living in God’s kingdom under his Law of Love, by providing a direction and authority that is external to man. The call echoes down the corridors of time from the lips of the master, "SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU."
Psalm 139 shows us that God was the one who formed our body in our mother’s womb. We are not the result of some biological procedure, but our body was formed by the loving hands of our heavenly Father. Even when there was nothing there, he brought the parts together and formed us according to his divine will. Paul make it very plain in speaking to the saints in the Church at Corinth, "Don’t you know that your BODY is the TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit IN YOU, which you have of God, AND YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN."
When we look at so many Christians both male and female, we realize that this truth has no reality in the their lives. For they devote their lives to education to follow their own chosen vocation, and in some cases they train our bodies to develop certain sporting skills to achieve good success, none of which in itself is wrong, but many times there is no recognition of the fact that GOD OWNS OUR BODY! But do not forget that Adam was instructed in the beginning, to be fruitful and fill the earth. This divine direction has almost been ignored so the children of LIGHT are being outnumbered by the children of darkness. It is time to "CALL THE MIDWIVES" to bring forth the many membered MAN CHILD, that all creation is waiting for.
It is time to recognise Babylon for who she is and to stop drinking the "Wine of her fornication" that is producing the drunken stupor that robs us of our true identity, and fogs our mind. LET THIS MIND BE IN YOU that was also was in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God thought it not a thing to be grasped at to be equal with God. But he made himself of NO REPUTATION, and became obedient unto the cross.
This is the mind that will break the power of Babylon and release God’s people from her power.
This is my challenge to you today, "Is your life being directed or driven by external issues, such as books, Christian ideas, or eloquent preachers, It matters not who or what they are, or how spiritual they may sound, if they are external to you, then you cannot experience the KINGDOM OF GOD. The Kingdom of God is an INTERNAL authority, coming as a direct communication from the VOICE OF GOD WITHIN YOU.
The very basis of Babylon is to constitute your natural MIND as the authority in your life. It will tell you that you are a Christian and a Son of God, so you know God and know the truth just as well as any body else. But remember the LIE the adversary told Eve in the Garden of Eden, "If you eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, you WILL BE AS GODS." This means you have established yourself as the authority in your own life. Of course this authority is based upon a patterns of thought that denies God any real authority in your life. So in fact Babylon directly attacks the Kingdom of God, and the establishment of God’s authority in our lives.
The people who judged Jesus at his trial, cried, "We will not have this man to reign over us," thus denying themselves the right to share in the Kingdom of God. If you have not done this before, let today be the coronation of CHRIST as LORD and KING in your life. Then you will discover the LORD high and lifted up with his train filling his Temple which is IN YOUR BODY.
May this word be a blessing to all who read these pages.

Des Walter April 2004

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