Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Delicate Art Of Love - r jackson

Love is like a small seed. You pick A place to plant it. You prepare the soil, you enrich the soil and then you plant the seed. You keep close watch over the seed. You must water it, weed it, feed it and it will grow and produce fruit– THE FRUIT OF LOVE.

Love is like a new puppy. You pick out your puppy, you pick the cream of the crop, you pick the one that pulls at your heartstrings. You bring the puppy home, you love it, you feed it and you housebreak it. You love the puppy with all your heart and you will always protect it and take care of it’s needs, even if it makes mistakes. Your love for the puppy will never diminish. LOVE SHOULD BE LIKE A NEW PUPPY.

When you make love to someone, the mans semen is absorbed into the woman’s body, it becomes part of her. The woman slowly becomes part of the man and the man becomes part of the woman. LOVE IS THE TWO BECOMING ONE.

Do not hold on to the hurtful things, no one is perfect, but strive for perfection with your relationship with your mate. Never be mean spirited, always look for the best in your mate, not the worst. Put your mate first in you life. This is the most important person in you life. Strive to make your mate happy, because you will be making yourself happy. Love them, protect them, stand up for them. Make sure they know that they are the most important thing in your life. Be kind and gentle with your words and your actions, Love Is Delicate, Love Is Not Puffed Up.

Your heart is the holder of love, it will always tell you if someone is trying to give you their love. The heart does not lie. Walk softly in love, touch it with soft fingers, cuddle it gently in your heart.

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