Sunday, December 30, 2007

Being A Spirit - r jackson

Gal 5:22, But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness and faith.
What will we do with God as a spirit? When all people have been saved what will we do? 1 Cor 12:13, For also we all were baptized by one Spirit into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, even all were given to drink into one Spirit.
Does a spirit think? Does a spirit Love? A spirit does not eat, nor sleep, nor touch, nor talk; you must have a physical body in order to do these things. What will we do? Everyone with God will be a spirit, a spirit has no eyes. Will we be able to see? A lot of people think that they are going to heaven when they die and see "mommy nem", you cannot see a spirt even if they were in heaven.
I have studied that God, Jesus, Heaven, The Garden of Eden, Paradise, and Satan are all inside of us. God the Father is not in some far away place called Heaven waiting for us to join him. God is everywhere; God can never be in just one place. We must visualize that God is omnipresent, he is everywhere all at the same time. He not only is everywhere but he is everything. He is your body, your complete body, he is all the parts. He is your thoughts, he is your breath, and he is the blood that runs through your veins. God is the food you eat; he was the plants growing in the fields that the food you eat came from. He was the cow, the pig, and the chicken that you eat for food. God is everything, you are a thing and God is You. Again, God is everything and is everywhere. God put himself in everything. If there wasn't God there would be nothing in the universe, no stars, no planets, no earth, no YOU, all that would be is a never ending vast nothing. Humans try and make God small in order that they might understand him, and put him in a place called heaven, this is impossible.
There is a time when we can repeat what we have heard and tell what we have seen; but there comes a day when we are more than messengers. That day is when we are the message. That day is when Christ has risen in us, and it is His glory by which we shine, not our own.
Jesus is not coming in the future on a cloud and carry us up to Heaven. Jesus
has already come.
He came back a few months after he died (70AD) and entered into all of us. We are his abode.
Heaven is a place in side of us. When we are seeking God we will be working towards getting to that place within ourselves. ALL MEN have the spirit of God within themselves. Don't ever look down on anyone. If someone lives different than you, so be it. You think your life is fine and so does everyone else think that his or her life is fine. Accept everyone for who and what they are. Don't judge people for how much they have or don't have. When you look at someone, don't look at them as good or bad, think about yourself before God chose you. All mankind are of God, the seed of God (the seed that God planted) Psa. 1:3 that is within us is growing at different rates. Some seeds are still in the ground. Some seeds have just sprouted. Some have sprouted into small plants. Some have grown in large plants. Some are blooming and some are starting to bear fruit. Sooner or latter all the seeds in all of humanity will grow and bear fruit. All will be saved. Romans 14:11, For it has been written, "As I live, says the Lord, that every knee will bow to Me, and every tongue confess to God." Isa. 45:23. Phi 2:10, that at the name of Jesus "every knee should bow," of heavenly ones, and earthly ones, and ones under the earth,
If God does not choose me I cannot be saved. Eph 2:8, For by grace you are saved, through faith, and this not of yourselves; it is the gift of God;
No matter how bad I want to be saved, no matter how many good works I do, no matter how many times that I go to church, or pray I cannot be saved unless God chooses to save me. You cannot be saved by saying that you believed that Jesus died on the cross to save you from your sins, unless God called you to be saved. No one has free will, we can make choices, but only God decides what we will do or not do. Again you cannot be saved unless God chooses you to be saved. Once God saves you, you must endure to the end. Everyday dying to the flesh is saving you; we will be competed by enduring to the end. We can only be in God if we are perfected; God perfects us day by day. He keeps burning away the sinful part of our being, and each day we become closer to being perfect. You cannot enter into Gods Kingdom( not heaven) unless God has perfected you.
You cannot understand the things of the Bible unless God wants you to understand
them and opens your eyes that you might see.
After you are chosen and are doing the will of God then you do want to do good works, not for reward but out of love and only love for others. God is Love; out of your heart you want go give God (love).

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