Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love & Judgment - r jackson

When someone is at a low point in their lives, and they have no money, they drive and old beat up car, they are getting over-due notices in the mail and people calling on the phone, when this is our situation or some level of the above, our ego keeps telling us that we are doing ok. Our ego cannot accept failure and blinds our thought center to the situation we are in. Later on when our situation gets better we look back at that part of our lives and ask, how in the world could we have lived like that, or how could we have done a certain thing.
Most of us are growing day by day. We are not who we were yesterday, last week, or last year. Sometimes this is the problem that married people have. We grow at different rates and it causes strain on the relationship. The strife being that we are disappointed in the other person when they do certain things. By doing this we are making a judgment call on the other person. We are judging someone for doing the same thing that we might have done six months or one year ago.
When we see the way some people live, and in our mind we think, how can someone live like that, we are making another judgment call, an ego call. If we think the right thoughts we would realize that at some point and time in our past we may have been living to a certain degree the same way. If we thought in this manner we would not Judge. Judgment is EGO. Christ said that you would be judged as you judge.
We can love the people that we think are beneath us. Look for ways to love. It will change your thought process. Satan is in your mind. Your mind is what is deceiving you. Your thoughts are deceiving you. Good or bad, your mind will make the thoughts manifest themselves into realty. We must change our thought process.
Love your neighbor; there is absolutely nothing else that you need to do. If you love, you can only love from the deepest part of yourself. If you have love it will manifest it self in your life. Love will fill you up to overflowing. Love until you are love. GOD is LOVE.

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