Monday, March 23, 2009

The Law Of Seed Planting - r jackson

To plant a garden you must first pick a special place to plant it. You watch for how much sun the area gets. Is the soil good? The next thing is to build a fence around it to protect it from predators. Now you are ready to start your garden. You till up the soil, make rows and add amendments, and then you plant your seed. Each seed needs different things, space, depth of planting, soil type and etc.

The seed you plant dies, or the shell rots and breaks open. In side of the shell a new plant grows. You must keep them watered, fertilized and weeded. If you planted tomato seeds they mature and produce fruit. Each plant from one seed will produce 25 – 50 tomatoes during the season. Each tomato will have hundreds of seed. One seed could produce 5000 new seeds. This is an amazing fact. In this one plant we can witness with amazement, Gods wonderment, it is a miracle in itself.

If we plant a seed of kindness in someone and it takes root and sprouts it will produce fruit, the fruit being this – the place you planted the seed was fertilized (ready for kindness) the seed was watered and weeded by the person that you gave it to (this means that person thought good thoughts about what you did.) Each time they think of your deed they are watering and fertilizing the plant. It grows inside of then and produces fruit (anything placed in the heart has no choice but to grow, good or bad). That person does acts of kindness for other people and those people take care of their seed and it grows and produces fruit. One seed that was planted on good soil can go on producing good fruit forever.

You plant a seed of money. God does not require you to tithe your money. You do not have to pick the garden in which you will sow you money, God will talk to your heart and your heart will tell you where to plant your money seed. If you keep your heart sensitive to the needs of others, whether it is an individual or a charitable organization, or what ever moves your heart, you will know where to plant your money seed. When you plant your seed, only do it for one reason, that your heart, not you mind told you to do it. Plant your seed in the darkness, in other words, don’t do it for recognition, do it in as much secrecy as you can. Do it without telling anyone except your mate. Do not do it for a tax deduction. Don’t even take a tax deduction. If you help an individual do not let them know that it was you that helped them. If you plant your money seed with the right conditions, as shown, it will be like the tomato, producing fruit and thousands of seed in you garden. You will be blessed a hundred fold. You don’t need to give 10%, just give what you can. Don’t just give what you have left over, it must mean something to you in order for it to mean something to God. Your giving might be 1% or 50%, just do what’s in your heart. Don't give to the church and let then deside what to do with you gift, you need to deside what good you can do with your money, this will please the Father. Give to the widows, the poor, the orphans and people who are helping other people. God will touch your heart.


Snowbrush said...

Hey, I like that. I think that most of what is given to churches goes to administrative costs, so it is better to give directly. And I'm sure you haven't forgotten that there is a lot we can give besides money. I took a walk with an elderly neighbor today. She was slow, but she also gave me so much more than exercise alone would have done. Besides, I went for another walk after I walked her home.

R Jackson said...

Thank you for your comment. You planted a good seed. That's all we need to do, seek the Kingdom(not heaven) and help our neighbors(all people).